Spring Game Link-o-Rama, Information


Mudbowl, Spring edition?

First thing's first: the infallible Weather.com is now calling for scattered thunderstorms in the East Lansing metropolis tomorrow, with a 40% chance of precipitation.  We don't ask you for much, weather gods, but please, just let us have tomorrow.

With that out of the way, here's what others are expecting to see tomorrow:

Finally, some general information and site news, courtesy of G0EL:


I hear there's some sort of football contest this weekend?!  Yep, the Spring game's happening this Saturday, and here's the rundown for what's happening.


There'll be an open thread to discuss the spring game.  It'll be on the radio (here's a list of affiliates in Michigan) beginning at 1:30.  If you're attending the game, here are a few things to remember.

  • The youth clinic goes from 10-11:30 AM (as opposed to the kids' clinics that last 'til midnight) on the practice fields, adjacent to the Clara Bell Smith center; enter through Shaw Lane. If you've got kids aged 8-12 (or can pull off looking like you're 12 years old), this might be a good time, and they'll have a chance to get autographs after the clinic.
  • Yes, you can tailgate, but the open container laws are in effect.  This means two things: if you want to drink, be discreet and bring many red Solo cups, and leave your three story beer bong, AKA the Anaconda, at home.
  • The stadium gates open at noon.
  • At halftime, former players John Shinsky, Joe DeLamielleure, and Eljay Brown will be leaving on a bike ride to Matamoros, Mexico to raise $500,000 for the orphanage that Shinsky helped to build.  If you'd like to donate, visit the Orphanage Fundraiser Website.


We'll have a post containing our thoughts on the game, and we'll try not to jump to extreme conclusions, but we're not making any promises, and neither does this guy:


via literalbarrage.org


So, is there anything you're looking for, or hoping to see, on Saturday?  Say it now in the comments, or forever hold your peace (until September 5th).

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