Treadwell sorta rumored for Indiana job

ESPN's* Adam Rittenberg drops Don Treadwell as "an early possibility" to be considered for the Indiana job, along with

San Diego State coach Brady Hoke, former Minnesota coach Glen Mason, Houston coach Kevin Sumlin, (and) Wisconsin offensive coordinator Paul Chryst

It just appears to be Rittenberg spitballing who IU will go towards, as opposed to having any particular source, but the Minn. rumored candidates haven't included Coach Treadwell, so there could be a little bit there. Treadwell certainly made himself a coaching name with his guiding the team while Dantonio was recovering and he was already considered (or at least rumored) for the Miami University job in 2009. "Beat top 10 team" is a line on the resume that no other assistant I can think of can write. Whether Treadwell wants to risk becoming a traitor to MSU who the fanbase hates for trying to steal our cherished spittoon every year, who knows**

The only wild card in whether Treadwell would leave over the average assistant coach would whether he wants to hang around to coach his son (or to coach against his son in practice) for two more years.

I can't blame IU too much for firing Lynch, given that my rationale for keeping him is  something along the lines of "It's Indiana, what the hell is he supposed to do?"

Mike Leach's name continues to not come up for things like this. Is that a recognition that he's busy suing universities, networks and former running backs or is it punishment for the aforementioned frowned-upon actions? Will he coach again? Does he want to? Do the remedies he's asking for in the lawsuits include the right to keel haul Craig James?

This is the kind of thing that may happen when you're BIG TEN (co)CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!WWWWWOOOOOO11OOOOO!

* They actually do buy people. You think it's against the Thirteenth Amendment passed after the Civil War, but the Confederate States of America didn't have the kind of lawyers Disney does.

** Could anyone possibly believe this sentence for a picosecond?

This is a FanPost, written by a member of the TOC community. It does not represent the official positions of The Only Colors, Inc.--largely because we have no official positions.

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