Can We Help Get the Spartans to the Sugar Bowl?

[Bumped for Be True to Your School. -KJ]

We all know the Spartans deserve the Rose Bowl bid over the Badgers and Buckeyes based on what happened on the field this season, but unfortunately, on-field results aren't the final determinate in who gets the bid.  Since our computer overlords don't seem to like us much, the poll voters are stupid and/or obstinate, and we didn't run up the score on a helpless Indiana team, the Rose Bowl dream is likely out of reach.  But, we can still shoot for a bid to the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans.  After the jump are some ways to help

The Sugar Bowl is free to pick whatever team they like from the BCS eligible squads, but most likely they will choose a Big Ten team.  With Wisconsin likely going to Pasadena, that leaves the choice between Michigan State and Ohio State.  Let's try to put some pressure on the Sugar Bowl committee to make the right choice and give MSU the BCS bid the team deserves!

1) If you're on Facebook, go to this page and click the "Like" button, then suggest it to all your Spartan friends:

2) Email the COO of the Sugar Bowl Jeff Hundley, COO,

Be respectful, classy, and intelligent in your email. Don't slam the other teams involved or make dumb threats of boycotts.  Simply state the case of why MSU should be there.  If you plan on attending the game, definitely mention that you and X number of friends will be buying tickets.  Even if they don't actually read the emails, the sheer number of pro-Spartan messages might get noticed.  Here are some useful bullet points to highlight MSU's case:

Strength of schedule: MSU 39, OSU 52

Record vs. bowl-eligible opponents: MSU 7-1, OSU 6-1

Signature win: MSU 34-24 vs. 11-1 Wisconsin, OSU vs. 7-5 Miami

Michigan State's six games shown on ABC, ESPN and ESPN2 averaged 4.37 million households. Ohio State's six games on those networks averaged 4.12 million.

MSU's alumni base of 450,000+

3) Email poll voters - I haven't been able to find a full list of the media voters, but sports columnists usually brag about it if they have a vote. 


This is a FanPost, written by a member of the TOC community. It does not represent the official positions of The Only Colors, Inc.--largely because we have no official positions.

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