Quick Look at Northern Iowa (Graphy Goodness Ahead)

[Bumped. Step right up and get your UNI Panther visual data right here.   One warning: That MSU-UNI comparison bar graph paints a nice picture for the Spartans, but Northern Iowa has actually been better on the defensive side of the ball against teams not ranked #1 in the country.  More on that in the near future. -KJ]


EDIT: Due to KJ's comment above, I've manually calculated UNI's conference-only numbers I use below: eFG%, FTR, 3P%, 2P%, OR%, STL%, TO% and BLK%. I then looked at that data without the game against Kansas. There is a small difference. Hopefully I'm not stepping on any toes. KJ, feel free to virtually punish me by removing this if it's encroaching on a future post of yours!


Again, click image to enlarge. Hopefully the legend is easy enough to read. Blue is UNI's entire conference schedule that I used for the Efficiency Margin bar graph directly below this. That includes the MVC conference tournament and their first two games in the NCAA Tourney. Red is all of those games, but taking out the game against the Jayhawks. The yellow is their entire season-long data that includes their non-conference schedule that I just extracted from KenPom. And Green, well, you know what that stands for.

Unless I'm stupidly over thinking KJ's comment -- and considering it's 3 AM and I cannot sleep, that is a possibility -- the differences are slight. Even manually getting their Offensive and Defensive Efficiency ratings for the Conference schedule and their first round game against UNLV, is slight:

Because I was bored with some free time, here's a couple looks at Northern Iowa's efficiency ratings (data from KenPom):

Off Eff Def Eff
With Kansas 104.7 89.8
W/O Kansas 104.5 89.0

Another note: Any inaccuracy of the manually created data is my own fault. Really intrigued by KJ's comment to see what he comes up with. I'm thinking there's an angle in here that I'm missing. Probably over thinking it.

End Edit.

Click all images to enlarge.


They were crazy good in Missouri Valley conference play (I didn't include their non-conference schedule). Really just two bad games (one against Wichita State and one against Bradley) and some games they were even with their opponents (Bradey, Missouri State and Evansville). Their Efficiency Margin has really hung around 10 for the latter half of the season.


Kind of like the Maryland Polynomial I posted in the preview thread for the game against Maryland, UNI's offense has trended positively, but their defense unfortunately has trended the wrong way. Still, it doesn't look as bad as Maryland's which was trending up over the 110 mark by the end of the year.

Not sure what the best way to look at this is, but I'll give it a couple of different attempts. First, just a standard bar graph:


We have a pretty sizable lead in 2P% which gives us the better eFG% than UNI on the year. How good we are inside the arc without Kalin Lucas remains to be seen. Per usual, our offensive rebounding % is through the roof when compared to our opponents.

Here's where I step a bit outside of the box. I like throwing the data into different graphs of sorts when I'm bored in an attempt to find a better way to visualize the data. I don't know how this captures all the data (not sure it does it effectively), but I'll throw it in here anyways.



It's interesting, at least, no?

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