Reasons you should be excited for next year

Losing is not fun.

Losing will never be fun

Next year has a lot of good going into it that could make "next year" a real "next year"

You really should be excited for the 200-2011 basketball season because there is going to be a lot of things to suggest that it could be special. I also know that the same thing was said coming into this year, but I will go over some key things that are different.

Reasons to be pumped

1. Returning Talent - MSU will have a lot of it. Lucas, Allen, Summers, Roe, Korie, Green, Nix, Sherman, Thorton, and Kebler. All saw time and have played in so big moments. Thats a stacked group of players(Give or take Summers)

2. Tom Izzo - Name says it all.

3. Experience in the tourny - This team will know what its like and there will be nothing new that can be thrown at them.

These were the three big reasons everyone thought we could win it all this year returning talent, experience, and Mr. Izzo. Those are some great reasons and they carried us to a FF this year. Sadly this is all(I use that term loosely) had going for it. In 10-11 we have a couple of other big factors which can be the extra push we need.


4. Chip our our shoulder - Well the UNC lose hurt at the end of the day UNC was going to win. Us playing better prolly would not have changed the outcome. This year we went out on a much sour note of bad play and refs not helping in any way. This team should really have some built up anger. I think that will help.

5. Leadership/Chemistry - 09's team was Travis Waltons team. This team was always gonna have to find a new identity. It didnt happen fast enough and it caused issue as a whole. This year both Green and Lucas are back. The leaders are going no where. This team can stay the same and focus on getting better.

6. Impact Freshmen - Most Freshmen take time to develop. Next year two guys come in that wont need to take make an impact. Appling and Payne are both real deal players that will be really right away. We didnt have that this year and being able to add a new element is important. 

7. Quality Depth - PG- Lucas, Korie, Appling / Wing - Allen, Summers, Thorton, / Bigs - Green, Roe, Nix, Sherman, Payne. If any of those 11 players were starting next year I would not worry about a single one. Add in Kebler, Byrd, Gauna and this team will have a TON to work with.


Im not saying this team will win the title. You never know in the world on injurys and any given day stuff. I am saying there is nothing the 2000 team had  going into that year that this team wont have going into the year. The Future for MSU has never been brighter and I for one can not wait to see the 10-11 team step on the court.

This is a FanPost, written by a member of the TOC community. It does not represent the official positions of The Only Colors, Inc.--largely because we have no official positions.

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