Where I Come From: My All-Time Favorite Michigan State Players

This post is sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 2011.

Throughout the eight years I've been a Spartan fan, I've cheered for a few players just a little louder than others.  Here's an incomplete list, in no particular order.

Drew Stanton

Out of all the MSU quarterbacks  I've seen as a Spartan fan, he was the biggest competitor.  My favorite part of watching him was during the broken plays, when the pocket breaks down and the receivers are covered.  It was then when he'd go on one of his improbable scrambles, moving down the field in slow motion yet still making linebackers miss.  He didn't care where he played, including a disastrous stint on special teams during the Alamo Bowl in 2004 where he blew out his knee.  He sometimes tried too hard, forcing plays that weren't there, but that's partly why he's one of my favorites - no one could ever accuse Drew of not caring enough.

Jon Misch

Because he's the antithesis of a stereotypical linebacker, mainly for moments like these (video courtesy of SpartanMag):

I played piano for seven years, and that's not just good for a football player, that's good for anyone.  I like players that are multitalented, so I like Jon Misch.

Domata Peko

Mainly because of the hair.  How could you not like that hair?  His fumble return for a touchdown against Michigan in 2005 remains one of my favorite plays.

Keshawn Martin

One of the few good adjustments to be made on the field after the Rather Hall brawl was that Mark Dantonio had to moved Keshawn Martin to kick returner to replace the dismissed Glenn Winston (Edit: Winston actually was lost for the season due to a knee injury, and then was dismissed - Martin was already a kick returner, but his role expanded with Winston's absence -  thanks to witlesschum for the correction - Pete).  Without Keshawn's returns, MSU might not have won the Purdue game (a return deep into Purdue territory set up the winning field goal).  The excitement level goes to 11 whenever he's on the field, and I hope to see him as the wildcat QB about 3-5 times a game.

Travis Key

No favorite player list would be complete without a spot for a walk-on, and Travis is my pick.  Not one of the biggest Spartans, but one of the heaviest hitters.

Those are a few of my favorites.  Who are yours?

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