Personal expectations when an MSU football schedule is announced.

After a gopher fan responded on LVS's post ranking likelihood of wins over this years schedule that a Minnesota win over MSU would not be an upset I got to thinking. What do you expect when you see the teams listed on a given year's schedule? I understand of course that times change (for example Wisconsin in 1985 is a lot different than UW in 1998).

My personal expectations follow the jump. Please respond with yours.

I list them in the order of "difficulty". Out of conference and then conference.

I-AA: WIN. It makes me sad that I can no longer say that MSU "doesn't play I-AA schools".

Any MAC team (CMU's luck notwithstanding): WIN.

Non BCS team: WIN.

BCS team: Further analysis needed. This event happens very rarely now a days. Pitt, Cal, Rutgers and Mizzou in the last 10 years. With the exception of Cal in 2008, I expected a win in all the other games.

ND: WIN. I have not been impressed by any ND team of the past 15 years. I expect a win in this game always.

Indiana: WIN. Always. I know it happens, but quite frankly I expect to beat IU every time we play.

Minnesota: WIN. They and IU haven't won the Big Ten since 1967. (We're next at 1990). Always disappointed if we lose to the gophers.

Illinois: WIN.  Some success over the years, but generally a bad team.

Northwestern: WIN. NU has had success against us and in the B10. Still this is a game that I "expect" us to win.

Purdue: Home: WIN. Road: LOSS.  Much like NU these games generally have been tight, entertaining games.

Iowa: Every 2 of 5 meetings: WIN otherwise LOSS.

Wisconsin: Every 2 of 5 meetings: WIN otherwise LOSS. This and the Iowa matchup really depend on how highly they are ranked coming into the season. This year I "expect" us to take one or the other but not both.

PSU: Home: WIN. Road: LOSS.



When I say I expect to win, I realize of course that we will not win every game that I expect to. Some years I might say,"well yeah NU will probably beat us this year." but generally I expect with our facilities and recruits that we get on a yearly basis that IU, Minn, UI and NU should never be favored in a game against us.

UM has been down the past two years. As things "normally" stand I usually don't expect a victory in that game.

Maybe I'm delusional, but what do you think? About expectations on the schedule, not whether or not I am delusional.

This is a FanPost, written by a member of the TOC community. It does not represent the official positions of The Only Colors, Inc.--largely because we have no official positions.

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