Linking Laconically Doesn't Know What to Expect Tonight

It's going to feel good to get back to actual basketball tonight.  For now, here are the links. 

Lucious Dismissal Latest Twist in MSU Saga - ESPN's Eamonn Brennan with a very good summation of the last six months.

Report: MSU's Korie Lucious will transfer, mom says | | The Detroit News While it's very likely that Korie will transfer, I wouldn't put the odds at 100% quite yet because...

Lucious: No decision yet - LSJ Blogs: Hey, Joe Korie says he's unsure of what he'll do yet, but he could've been surprised by Rexrode's call.  I'd put the odds of a transfer at 90%.

Thoughts on Comley -- Tim Staudt's thoughts; it looks like he's going to move back to Marquette once the season's over.

Q&A with Rick Comley - College Hockey News - Comley on what drove him to resign: 

I'm 64. I still think there are people older than me that are coaching, but you should judge yourself on if you're having the level of success you should have. I'm not apologizing for it — we won a national championship. But I'm frustrated — by this early departure stuff — and I think the program is capable of doing better. It should do better. It's not that I'm tired, or don't think I can do it anymore.

Family makes Brandan Kearney a standout at Southeastern | | The Detroit News -- Not just a Mr. Basketball candidate, Kearney is a good student as well:

Kearney's grade-point average is 3.2. This past semester, his GPA was 3.5. Kearney is one of 12 players in the program whose GPA is 3.0 or better.

"No one would think that," Ward said. "Most people would be shocked at that. Walking out of our building, seeing streets with four houses on a block. The empty spaces left where the houses were knocked down."

Basketball Prospectus | Tuesday Truths: Full-Strength Edition - Here's something abnormal for the Big Ten -- every team except Iowa is scoring more than a point per possession.

 Taking stock of MSU QBs for 2011 and beyond -- With Joe Boisture's departure MSU might take two quarterbacks in 2012.  While depth is a concern, the starter won't be -- in all likelihood, it's going to be Cousins this year then Andrew Maxwell through the end of the 2013 season.

Yet Another Basketball Blog (YABB): Is Kansas better with Josh Selby? How much did Notre Dame miss Carleton Scott?  An interesting study at how a team's efficiency changes with its star out.  Expectedly Minnesota is significantly worse on both sides of the ball without Al Nolen; unexpectedly Northwestern's offensive efficiency slightly improved with John Shurna injured.

Going through the horrible parts of a Notre Dame season review - Michigan State - On Down The Line  A look back at the MSU-ND game through a Fighting Irish Blog.  They have issues with the referees on one decision, but not the one you remember.  Also, linking to this gives me an excuse to link here again.

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