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(Bump for more info on one of the premier recruits in the 2012 class.  Thanks for the info Tim, and have a great weekend all.)

Hey all, Tim Sullivan from mgoblog. I had a draft of a commitment post for Aaron Burbridge, and since the Spartans landed him, I thought you'd probably be interested. I hadn't updated it in a while, so some of the information may juuuuust a bit out of date. Apologies.





24/7 Sports

4*, #11 WR

4*, 5.8, #19 WR

#134 Overall

4*, 79,
#34 WR

4*, 92, #29 WR,

#4 Michigan, #229 Overall

Scout says 6-1, 180, Rivals has the same height but 5 pounds lighter. Both 24/7 Spots and ESPN say he's 180 pounds, but ESPN is the lowball on height, saying he's merely 6-0, while 24/7 is the high estimate at 6-2. A consensus size then, would be 6-1, 180 for Burbridge. I've seen Scout listing him at 6-2 more recently, so the high side of 6-1 is fair.

When the Harrison trio was featured in the Detroit News, FHH coach John Herrington had plenty of nice things to say about Aaron:

"(Burbridge) has tremendous explosion and acceleration," stated Herrington. "He is one of those kids that has two gears. He can go out for a pass and it looks like it is overthrown, then suddenly he explodes on the ball. He is a very tough kid, a good blocker, and has great hands. He still has a ways to go in learning all his routes, but he can catch the ball just off his shoe tops, or he can go up and get it if it is way over his head like he did in the state finals. I would say the thing that sets him apart is his speed and his explosion."

Scout's Midwest analyst Allen Trieu also covered his game:

"Aaron Burbridge is a great all-around receiver," said Midwest regional manager Allen Trieu. "He has fantastic hands, has great body control, good speed, and can make plays after the catch, too. I think he can be more physical in his game, but that's the area he is working on.

Allen also called Burbridge a #1 seed in the weird March Madness-themed Sam Webb column in the Detroit News:

He's another kid that has played big-time football against big-time competition. Harrison won the state title last year and was a big part of that victory. He has very good ball skills, good speed, and is just a pure athlete at 6-1, 185 pounds. I think he is one of the top receivers, if not the top receiver in the Midwest.

For the record, Michigan now has commitments from 3 of the #1 seeds (James Ross and Royce Jenkins-Stone are the others), a #2 seed (Devin Funchess) and two #3 seeds (Mario Ojemudia and Matt Godin). State has commitments from zero of the top 16. He has speed:

I run the 400 and 200, the 4x4 and 4x2. My best 200 time is 22 flat and best 400 is 49 flat."

Trieu listed him as a candidate for the #1 prospect in the state:

There is a growing sentiment that Burbridge may be the best in the state. He has solid size at 6'1, 185-lbs, but he also has good speed and excellent hands and ball skills. I don't know that I've ever seen the kid drop a ball.

Despite being primarily a wideout, he's also shown some skills on D:

"Burbridge took away their best receiver one-on-one," Herrington said. "We didn't think he was good on defense. He never showed that good of hips playing secondary. I think he's a defensive back now."

Scott Burnstein of the Oakland Press is really EASY to EXCITE into using lots of CAPITAL LETTERS AND PUNCTUATION, so dim your excitement level about this by 30%:

5 Aaron Burbridge (JR WR/RB/DB FH Harrison) – Is there anything this guy doesn't do and do REALLY REALLY WELL. Coach Herrington plays Burbridge at running back for the first time on Saturday and he responds with a 30-yard TD run to go with his customary 100 yards and 1 TD (23 yarder) receiving.

His style is contingent upon his explosive ability, both in terms of pure speed (good, but not elite), and in making moves. If the compliments about his hands are accurate, that's a winning combination. 


Cincinnati, Illinois, Michigan State, Notre Dame, and Ohio State were Aaron's primary non-Michigan offers. He also had interest from LSU and Penn State, but no offers.

The Buckeye offer is particularly telling, as Ohio State's staff can be pretty selective about offering prospects out-of-state.


Rivals provides full stats in convenient table form:


















2010 (Jr.)













He was selected to the Detroit News All-Metro second team (despite missing the first couple games of the year with a knee injury). However, that article isn't available for free online anymore, so no link.




My prediction section was obviously Michigan-specific, but it did bring up one very important thing: Although Michigan is likely to have a need for wideouts next year (sounds like Michigan State is in the same boat), I wasn't predicting immediate playing time, because Aaron is a well-publicized academic risk (Ed. Note - Still a risk, but improving, received 2 A's in summer school).


Sometimes, it's better to let a kid sit out for a year and shore up some of his studies before adding the pressure of performing on the field every weekend.


This is a FanPost, written by a member of the TOC community. It does not represent the official positions of The Only Colors, Inc.--largely because we have no official positions.

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