Linking Laconically Is Referencing Jersey Shore Again

Happy Wednesday everyone!  We start this like most Linking Laconicallies these days with a poll in the Favorite Spartan Athlete Bracket.  This matchup pits All-Big Ten Defensive Team member and budding thespian Delvon Roe against Brandon Fields, he of the Eddleman-Fields punter of the year trophy.  Vote hard, because is there such thing as voting easy?

And now, the links.

HICKS: Role model opposites: Snooki & Kirk Cousins - Washington Times  Cousins's speech at the Big Ten luncheon is going national.  In case you've forgotten this blog's policy toward Jersey Shore, I point you towards this post.

MSU football: Get to know new Spartan snapper Moore, then forget him | Lansing State Journal |  Leave it to Rexrode to write a great piece about Steve Moore, the Spartans' new long snapper.  It's worth your time because it manages to avoid every cliche, and you will learn something about the art of putting the ball in the punter's hands.

Oh, snap - LSJ Blogs: Hey, Joe  More from Joe.  If we as Spartan fans needed to pay to keep Joe in Lansing covering the Spartans, I would easily pay at least $50 a year to do so.

Preseason Football Practice Report No. 3 - MICHIGAN STATE OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE  No one got hurt, therefore I'm happy.  The freshmen took one-third of the snaps in practice, which I think is good.  They definitely need more reps over the upperclassmen, says Captain Logic.

Assume the Position: Quarterbacks  MSU blog A Beautiful Day for Football takes a look at every single QB on the MSU roster, then makes a prediction on how Cousins will fare this season.

OTE Power Rankings: Who Won the B1G's Offseason? - Off Tackle Empire  The writers at OTE find MSU's summer pretty uneventful, which is just the way I like it.

After summer of turmoil, NCAA football needs feel-good stories - NCAA Football -  I'll give you three guesses as to which Michigan State player is mentioned. Here's a hint -- it rhymes with "Kirk Cousins".

Looking at rising number of college recruits decommitting - Luke Winn -  Lastly, an excellently researched piece from's Luke Winn correlating  the number of times a basketball recruit transfers high schools to the possibility he'll decommit from his college choice.

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