Linking Laconically Is Pouring Over the Pro Combat Uniform Reviews

We're almost 24 hours out from the release of the Pro Combat uniforms and the backlash has been...not that bad?  We'll review that in a bit, but first the Favorite Spartan Athlete Bracket continues, with Raymar Morgan against...Magic Johnson.  Good luck Raymar, you'll need it.  Now, links!

Michigan State Spartans | MSU players 'very excited' about uniforms for Michigan game | The Detroit News

Obligatory link detailing how psyched the players are for the Pro Combat uniforms.

Uni Watch rates new NCAA Nike Pro Combat uniforms - ESPN

A bit of praise for the new unis.

Adventures in fashionable footballing: Nike storms the internet, of course… – Campus Union

While our dear Aunt Stabby likes the greek lettering on the collar, she takes issues with pleather.  If Holly knew the pleather was a tribute to the 1987 Big Ten Championship team, she'd change her tune right quick.

Michael Kruse on Nike and the success of Oregon football - Grantland

An interesting link (HT: trivialstuff16) about how Oregon's rise might have been spurred by their multitude of uniforms.

France on the rise - LSJ Blogs: Hey, Joe  Hallelujah, the "OR" is removed from the left tackle spot, and the only "ORs" that are left are at one wide receiver spot (Cunningham OR Nichol) and tight end (Linthicum OR Celek, but Sims might as well be mentioned).  I can live with this.

Notre Dame TE Mike Ragone lost for year -  Ragone was the backup tight end for the Irish, so it won't be a huge blow.

Former MSU football player Seth Mitchell tops Friday night fight card | Detroit Free Press |  The fight will be shown on Fox Sports Net  at 10:30 Saturday in some places...except in Detroit.  It'll be on some channel called Telefutura at 11:30. College Basketball - Which is best football-basketball coaching duo  They're split between Izzo-Dantonio and Ryan-Bielema, aka True Blood-Entourage.

An offseason look around the Big Ten - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN  Lastly, a good bird eye's view from Eamonn Brennan of the Big Ten this basketball season.  Only 31 days until Midnight Madness y'all.

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