Linking Laconically Has the Definitive Timeline of the Let Delvon Play Movement

It's not often you see movements born, live, and die in a day, but the "Let Delvon Play" hashtag was just that. To the best of my recollection, here's how it happened, with Twitter embeds (shameless plug: are you following The Only Colors on Twitter? How about Facebook? OK, I'm done.)

1:05 PM Jay Bilas, ESPN Commentator and trill dude extraordinare, Tweets this:

Seeing that tweet, I thought back to Russell Wilson, and thought "hey, that's right!" I then thought about the Big Ten Championship Game, so I pushed the Badger out of my mind. Different college basketball writers discussed Delvon Roe's exclusion for a while, and I'm not sure who first created it, but Rob Dauster from Ballin' Is A Habit and our blog bros College Basketball Talk got the movement off the ground, so I'll credit him.

1:21 PM Rob Dauster tweets this:

1:38 PM If you doubted you could like Delvon more:

2:00-6:00 PM The movement takes off. I don't have any analytics on how many people tweeted the #LetDelvonPlay hashtag. However, can you prove it's NOT 100 million? For the sake of simplicity, let's call it 100 million and leave it at that. Also of note -- try and read this next tweet and not hear Dick Vitale's voice in your head. IMPOSSIBLE, I SAY.

6:10 PM Mark Hollis has the final say:

And that was that. For what's it worth, I don't think the NCAA would've allowed Delvon to play -- it's one thing for a student to do commercials, but when an athlete uses his fame to get jobs such as acting, well, it'd be easy for a Wildcat booster to give a cool million to Anthony Davis so he can star with Ashley Judd in "ALONG CAME A SPIDER PART 2 -- ALONG CAME A SPIDER HARDER".

That said, there's no reason why Delvon shouldn't be allowed to sit on the bench one last time, be there with his teammates, receive a framed jersey, and kiss center court. What I was most upset about today was a couple comments on Twitter that Delvon "quit" the team. Delvon never quit, only his knees did.

If you've made it this far, links! At least a few.

Post-practice essentials - LSJ Blogs: Hey, Joe In short: Trice's ankle has made a miraculous recovery and is 100% ready to play on Sunday. Derrick Nix is 100% as well, and although Austin Thornton sat out practice with a migraine he should be ready to go against Ohio State. news: QB Stock Report: Cousins, Jefferson improve draft grades Yet another pundit thinks Kirk Cousins will go in the second round.

Arnett update - LSJ Blogs: Hey, Joe Michigan State has sent in the hardship waiver for DeAnthony Arnett; we'll know if he can play in 2012 in one month. Arnett can play Spring ball no matter what the decision.

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