Linking Laconically is trying to get its picture taken with Andrew Maxwell

MLive's Graham Couch has a nice profile on Michigan State's new starting quarterback, Andrew Maxwell.

Maxwell is dealing with much more attention on campus, including photo and autograph seekers:

That includes escalating fame. A few autograph- and photo-seekers aside, Maxwell remains closer to his days repacking beer (and occasionally "tooling around" in a forklift) at his summer job at Dan Henry Distributing in Lansing.

"It's pretty crazy," Maxwell said of what he saw take place around Cousins. "He came here as a shy kid from Holland, Michigan, and the next thing you know, they've got Kirk Cousins sweatshirts at the student bookstore. It comes with the position. That's something you have to realize you're getting yourself into. And if you're successful, that's what's going to come with it and if you're not successful, you're going to have a lot of negative stuff come your way, too."

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Michigan State signee Gary Harris selected to play in the Nike Hoop Summit |
Another honor for incoming prospect Gary Harris: "Michigan State signee Gary Harris was among 10 high school seniors named to the roster for the USA junior national select team that will play a world select team in the Nike Hoop Summit in Portland on April 7."

And more honors for current team members: "Michigan State senior forward Draymond Green has been named the District V Player of the Year and head coach Tom Izzo has been named the Coach of the Year, the USBWA (United States Basketball Writers Association) announced Tuesday afternoon."

The Oakland Press Blogs: Open Book: A Sports Blog: Hard evidence suggests Michigan has caught Michigan State in basketball
No point excerpting any of this. Just know that a big part of Caputo's "evidence" that Michigan is better than Michigan State in basketball right now is Caputo's belief that Michigan will be better next season ... What? Yeah, he's paid to do this.

Hot item: MSU football season tix - LSJ Blogs: Hey, Joe
Get those football tickets while you can: "MSU is reporting more than 2,000 new orders for season tickets in the past six weeks and anticipates record sales, "possibly eliminating the option for fans to purchase individual game tickets," it said in a press release."

Detroit Pistons #DraftDreams: Draymond Green " PistonPowered
Over at the other site I write for, I take a look at Draymond Green's NBA Draft potential. Jim Cavan, a fellow ESPN TrueHoop Network writer and MSU fan offered this: "At the college level, (Green does) anything and everything. As for how Green’s uniquely refined skill set translates to the pros? Generally speaking, elite-level rebounders tend to translate well at the next level, and Day-Day’s prowess on the glass is nothing if not that — even more so considering he plays in a conference with a slower pace, and thus fewer shot attempts. But it’s the well-rounded nature of Green’s game — at both ends of the floor — that makes a Knick fan like myself drool at the prospect of what he could achieve in a Mike D’Antoni system, where there’s always room for Swiss Army Knife types."

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