We need a stadium anthem (another offseason topic)

With the introduction of our new scoreboard and sound system there has never been a better time to try and find a song to make our own and to pump up the crowd.

Before I start I don't want anybody to think that this is somehow a slam on the band. Marching Bands are what make College Sports unique and they provide a way to bring pride and pageantry to the game. We have one of the best bands in the country but they can't be heard in some parts of the stadium and they can't reach everyone in the stadium the same way that our new speaker system will. There are also times when the band is taking the field or coming off from halftime where there is nothing to keep the energy going.

Many people point to this moment in the Outback Bowl as the turning point in the game. Now I don't think MSU would adopt a song whose title you can't even really say out loud or print in the "game script" that the stadium staff uses....but you can't deny the effect that it had on people.

After the jump I'm going to provide some of my favorites from across multiple sports and try to explain what I think makes them work as stadium anthems.

1. Catchy Melody: One of the things that makes a good stadium anthem is a "catchy" melody. The thing that makes Seven Nation Army work so well is that after you hear it a few times anybody can pick it up and start singing along. Since we are looking for a "unique" song that we can make our own I'll provide an example of one of my favorites with a catchy melody.

2. Audience Participation: Once you have the audience singing along you want to add towel waving or pom-pom waving etc. Luckily a lot of the songs that have been adopted are hard driving techno or dance songs that provide a nice steady beat that you can do a bunch of different things to. Clapping, towel waving, or pom-pom shaking are some of the classics when it comes to audience participation. I probably don't have to remind Red Wings fans of this rivals annoying but effective song.

3. Playable Anywhere: One of the reasons I think Zombie Nation from PSU is one of the best anthems is that it can be played by the band and have the same effect as the recording. You don't need to be in the stadium to get into this one.....what happens when you are at a bowl game pep rally or just hanging around at a tailgate? This song works both inside and outside of the stadium. This is why I normally don't like rap songs as stadium anthems....they sound great in the stadium but if you try and recreate it with a band it usually never works.

Ok...this is Kent State but you get the point. (our band wouldn't suck this much)

4. Originality: Another reason I'll give PSU props for using Zombie Nation is that besides just singing along with the melody they made it their own by adding in "We are Penn State." Any clueless fan can sing along to song like the two hockey examples....but what truly makes a good stadium anthem is making it your own.

Conclusion: I'd like to hear people's suggestions on what you would like Spartan Stadium to use. My suggestion would be to adopt "I just can't get enough" which is used by a lot of soccer teams but mostly Celtic.

I like this song because it has a catchy melody and involves audience participation (clapping etc.) and it would be playable by the SMB as well. You could also find ways to make it original like Liverpool have shown below for their player Luis Suarez.

You replace Luis Suarez with "Let's Go Spartans" and you have a stadium anthem.

My only issue with this song is the original version isn't really that "hype." You'd probably have to play some remixed version to pick the tempo up a little bit.

Let me hear your suggestions in the comments!

This is a FanPost, written by a member of the TOC community. It does not represent the official positions of The Only Colors, Inc.--largely because we have no official positions.

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