Linking Laconically Is Left In An Offensive Quandary

Possibly the only fun offensive play to watch on Saturday night. Credit: Mike Carter-US PRESSWIRE

Michigan State's offense no match for Notre Dame in 20-3 loss at home |
After not scoring a touchdown at home for the first time since 1991, the Spartans realized how many problems they have with their offense.

Three questions for Michigan State: Was Notre Dame that good or Spartans that bad? | Michigan State Spartans | Detroit Free Press |
Free press writer Jeff Seidel decides that MSU's loss was their own fault and Notre Dame isn't THAT good.

Michigan State tumbles 11 spots to No. 21 in AP rankings after 20-3 loss to Notre Dame |
"MSU coach Mark Dantonio says rankings are for people who are 'drinking the Kool-Aid.'"

Brian Kelly used wristbands because he was worried about signal-stealing
Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly used wristbands with his Sophomore QB Everett Golson in fear of the MSU defense stealing their signals.

After Michigan State's offensive line shuffle, pass protection became a problem |
Fou Fonoti's absence didn't lose the game for the Spartans, but his presence sure would have helped.

Michigan State's Bennie Fowler: 'This game is the receivers' fault' |
Bennie Fowler himself blamed part of MSU's failures on the receiving core. The MSU wideouts couldn't get separation, couldn't look the ball into their hands, and couldn't stay concentrated.

Notre Dame 20, Michigan State 3: Spartans almost make plays to stay competitive in loss | Michigan State Spartans | Detroit Free Press |
Dropped passes and missed tackles let the game slip away from Michigan State,

Michigan State defense ran over by Notre Dame, out of gas late in game | Michigan State Spartans | Detroit Free Press |
In the 4th quarter, towards the end of the game, Notre Dame's offense just ran over a gassed Michigan State defense.

Defining moment leaves Spartans humbled - Big Ten Blog - ESPN
Coach Dantonio and the players reflect on the 20-3 blowout on Saturday night.

Sunday Morning Coming Down: Sparty. No. - Off Tackle Empire
A recap of the Big Ten's successes and struggles on Saturday, including Michigan State coming back down to earth after their 20-3 loss.

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