Making The Case For Le'Veon Bell



Le'Veon Bell's stock has been on the rise after a breakout year in which he carried the ball for a whopping 382 times for almost 1800 yards. Bell recently declared for the draft and is primed to perform in the NFL. Many teams will be scouting Bell in the upcoming months. Here are a few teams that I feel can benefit from Bell's play.

NY Jets: My beloved Jets have had one of the most dysfunctional seasons in NFL history. The New York Gang Green can benefit from MSU's gang green half back. Rex Ryan will most likely return for one more season and he favors a strong run game. The Jets have numerous free agents and have to evaluate who to sign and who to let go. Shonn Greene has had back to back 1,000 yard seasons and will most likely ask for a hefty contract. We need to lock up Mike Devito. It is best to let him go elsewhere and pursue Bell. He would compliment Bilal Powell and far outshine the inconsistent Joe McKnight. Rex Ryan will be pursuing a runner who can bail out the anemic play of Sanchez (who most likely will start next season...I would prefer getting Aaron Murray or Teddy Bridgewater in the future as a dark horse). Bell can carry the load and possibly be a rare find in a pass happy league. He does look good in green and white. Jets scouts have been to MSU games and have shown interest in Bell. I would prefer Bell over Eddie Lacy, who many feel may end up in New York as well.

Detroit Lions: The Lions are in need of a running back who can compliment there strong passing attack. The Lions ranked 23rd in the league in rushing yards per game. Bell can catch the ball out of the back field (he had 32 receptions this season). Mikel Leshoure was only able to net 798 yards on 215 carries. The Lions need to address secondary issues first (specifically safeties), but Bell could be an option for Detroit if he is available later on. We know the Lions can sling the ball around, but perhaps a strong runner can help Stafford cut down on turnovers. A strong runner can bailout a quarterback and perhaps help wear down defenses, opening up even more passing options.

Arizona Cardinals: The Cardinals ranked dead last in rushing yards. Beanie Wells never reached his ceiling and many feel that Bell can be what Wells was not. The passing game is in shambles and a strong runner like Bell can be a cornerstone for the franchise.

San Diego Chargers: The Chargers are in desperate need of a running back to set the tone. Since LT left San Diego the run game has not been the same. Ryan Matthew has only shown promise in a few sparing moments. He's injury prone and not a solid option. The Chargers are in need of a rebuild and could start with a player like Bell. Matthews has missed ten games in the last three years. The Chargers need a sure fire option who could bail out Rivers and step in for Matthews.

Wherever Le'Veon Bell ends up, I only wish the best for him. He wore the Green and White with pride. He embodied everything a Spartan football player should be. He will be a great asset to any team that drafts him.

This is a FanPost, written by a member of the TOC community. It does not represent the official positions of The Only Colors, Inc.--largely because we have no official positions.

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