Coach Dantonio

Remember when MSU used to have trouble after the UM game win or lose, it always seemed like we got beat up and struggled the following game.
Under Coach Dantonio that has reversed, we are now the team inflicting the damage.
MSU is now 7-0 following the UM game, where UM is only 1-6 after playing us.
That extends not only to UM, so far this year every single division one team we have played has lost the week following playing the Spartan Defense.

Other great turnarounds that Coach Dantonio has engineered in his seven years compared to the seven before he arrived:
Under Bobby Williams and John L Smith we were 1-6 vs UM, now we are 5-2 and no longer anyones little brother.
UM used to be 5-2 in the week after playing us, but now they are 1-6 after our D gets through with them.
We were 5-17 in November, but now we are 16-5 (10-2 since 2010) and no longer fold at the end of the year, but actually get stronger.
We only made two low level bowl games in 7 years, now we are on the longest bowl streak in MSU history at seven years and counting. (no one before Dantonio had made more than 4 bowl games in a row)
We were 18-35 in the B10 prior to Dantonio's arrival, now we are 36-8 and own the most B10 wins of any team since 2010.
In the previous seven years we only had one winning B10 season where we finished tied for 4th, now we are set to finish 1st three out of the last four years, and will own 2 of the only 3 legends division titles that will ever exist.

To help put things in perspective:
Since 1966 we we will have 20 bowl games in total, and more than 1/3 of those will belong to Coach Dantonio.
In MSU history Coach Dantonio owns both of the record setting 11 win seasons, and has a chance to top that this year.
Since 1966 ten MSU coaches have only been able to win at least 9 games six times in all those years, and Coach Dantonio is responsible for four of those six.

This is a FanPost, written by a member of the TOC community. It does not represent the official positions of The Only Colors, Inc.--largely because we have no official positions.

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