The bandwagon is open, it is a great time to be a Spartan!

What a difference a year makes, last year we needed to win at Minnesota just to become bowl eligible, now we have clinched the division before we even play the Minnesota team we have beaten 22 of the last 28 times.

Not only are we winning, we are winning without causing the normal heart attacks being a Spartan fan usually entails. So far this year we have won every B10 game by at least 12 points, averaging a 20 point margin of victory in B10 contests. Even OSU can not say that, winning three B10 games by 10 points or less.

We could have run up the scores even more to impress the computers like some teams do ( OSU has piled up over 220 points in its last four games, and FL St is even worse ), but we have taken multiple kneel downs inside of enemy territory at the end of the NW, IND, ILL, PUR and even the UM game.

We are making great halftime coaching adjustments, in five of seven B10 games our Defense has not allowed a single point in the second half. On the offensive side we only rank 49th in time of possession in the first half, but are 1st nationally in the second half by a wide margin. Our scoring rank also jumps up from 81st nationally in the first half, to 38th in the second.

In my last installment on Coach Dantonio I forgot to add that he has taken us from 7-21 in big ten road games in the seven years prior to his arrival, to 19-9 under his guidance. Even more impressive we went from over half our road victories being against IND and ILL, to these kind of wins on the road:

at OSU for the first time since 1998,
at Iowa for the first time since 1989,
at ann arbor twice in a row for the first time since 1967,
at Pn St for the first time since 1965,
and wining at NE for the first time ever.

Another thing I could have added was not only does UM now lose the game after facing our defense, they apparently are derailed for the rest of the season. This year they were averaging 446 yards of offense per game coming into the MSU game, and were fresh off a game where they put up over 750 yard of offense. From the MSU game forward their offense is generating less than half the yardage they did before being bullied which has lead to these fine articles:

This is one of the best times ever to be a Spartan, in addition to the football team going from unranked to 11th nationally, the basketball team is ranked #1 as well. Imagine where we would be if the refs at Notre Dame actually knew what pass interference was.

We have won 10 games in a season only four times in school history, and three of those have been in the last 4 years. This season we have a realistic chance to set the new all time victory mark, and break the quarter century rose bowl draught. My yearly advanced Pasadena hotel booking may finally pay off.

This is a FanPost, written by a member of the TOC community. It does not represent the official positions of The Only Colors, Inc.--largely because we have no official positions.

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