Epic fail...MSU ticket office does it again

Update: I am a massive MSU fan and still am. I love the pride our university instills in our alums and in the kids who work their asses off to do their best on and off the field. Thats what makes this a bitter pill to passion. So let me clarify. I will donate again at the same level. I will take my wife my 6 year old and my 3 year old to every game. I will wear my white and green with pride. And i have been taught yet again that I shouldn't count my chickens before they hatch and that just because a ticket office publishes a an allocation chart doesn't mean they'll follow it...And I will split my donation into two accounts...Happy so many Spartans will be at the RB. Proud of you. Concerned that we just screwed a big portion of our donor base when we don't have a waiting list for season tickets...seems like a risky risky move...

I am not sure how they managed to pull it off but the MSU ticket office, who has a history of this behavior, just announced that they were changing the rules regarding Rose Bowl tickets.



Still posted on are the rules regarding how RB tix will be assigned. It is clear that they go by Spartan Fund donor level and then by points within each level. What this means is that they assign tickets to the big donor first and work their way down donor levels until they run out of tickets. Of course they set aside some tickets for employees, ADs, students, etc but thats fine. We all know that's part of the game.

What is throwing people for a loop is that instead of following their own posted rules, they changed the rules when demand for tickets reached 31,000 vs an allotment of 24,000. They cut all donor levels below $5,000 annual donation to 4 tix and anyone below $2,000 donor levels got cut to 2.

So the argument will be made that changing the rule will allow more season ticket holders to get tix but that logic is very flawed. I'll use myself as an example.

I have 4 season tickets. I donated $1200 to get those 4 seats this year for me, my wife and my two kids. I am Captain's Club level and rank 3545 out of over 14,000. I know people who give $2,000 and they are ranked in the mid 900s.

So logic would tell you that there are not that many people who give at the really high levels so letting them get 10 or so tickets should be no big deal. I would assume that would be around 5,000 tickets because not all qualify for 10 tix, some only 8 and 6.

MSU used this logic for the B1G when demand exceeded supply and the rules were adhered to. My brother in law didn't get the 2 tix he requested but I got all 4 I requested.

So back to the RB...I just got my refund email for two tickets leaving me with two. In this new alternate universe if I had split my donations into two $600 donations, one by my wife and one by me, into two Spartan Fund accounts, I get my same season tickets, MSU gets the same $ from my bank account, but I would have received 4 RB tix. But according to the Spartan Fund, you want your individual donation level to be higher to get better rewards. not anymore...

Happy to be going? Yes.


Pissed? kind of and getting more pissed as i type this...

When you change the rules of the game to allow more people to win you disincentivize the players from playing in the future. To be clear, I am fine with whatever rules Hollis, and you damn well better believe he had his hands in this decision, would have announced on Sunday morning when we all got our emails to request tickets.

But now he's screwing with loyalty. And its not the first time. I was a season ticket holder my freshman year for football and basketball in 1997-98, My basketball seats were in the third row behind the bench...and when it came time to reup the next year, my seats were in the last row of the upper deck. WTF? Oh yeah, they changed the rules rewarding seniors who had season tickets the prior year first. Fine. But then they opened it up to any senior? Excuse me? So as a returning sophomore I was lucky to get tickets. And don't even get me started on the be forced to join a club and pay more for the same seats I had the previous year...hmmm....sound familair...kind of like raising the required donation level to keep your same seats...

So we see a pattern of behavior the predated Hollis as AD but it is a pattern. Our Athletic Department does not know how to handle success. As soon as demand increases following on field/court success the AD tries to accommodate everyone instead of rewarding the loyal fans by the rules that were in place.

The Spartan Fund brochure outlines the benefits of each donor level so you can choose what rewards you want to be eligible for. This new/old back-to-the future process is teaching MSU donors a new lesson....why donate so much if they'll reward you the same as anyone else when it really matters? And don't get me started about the rules that rate current year donors ahead of long time donors as long as the newbies gave more THIS YEAR. The concept that I can pay big $ when the team looks good and be rewarded above fans who have been buying tickets for 30 years...just...ugh.

Consider this the MSU ticket office complaint forum because I doubt they will care when you and I call them tomorrow for an explanation to give my family why only two of us are going to the game...

Will this impact my donation level next year? Yes, I have been incentivized not to donate the same and will enjoy my season tickets one section to the left on the 5 yard line instead of the 12....message received MSU, Spartan Points don't matter, despite what you're own website promoted...

Jason, MSU class of 2002

This is a FanPost, written by a member of the TOC community. It does not represent the official positions of The Only Colors, Inc.--largely because we have no official positions.

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