In light of Theo Pinson's commitment to UNC; my best guess as to MSU BBall recruiting landscape for 2014

This link has Theo Pinson committing to UNC.

I would say that this comes as a pleasant surprise for MSU fans, and can only be seen as a good thing.

Pinson, Tyus Jones, and Jahlil Okafor had, at one point, been discussed/discussed themselves joining forces and joining the same school---the obvious dynamic being Jones at point, Pinson on the wing, and Okafor in the paint.

The logical landing spot for this theoretical trio would have been Duke.

Pinson's finalists were: UNC, Duke, Indiana (another reason this is a pleasant surprise!), Georgetown, and Louisville.

UNC is not a logical landing spot for the Big-2 (Tyus Okafor): they already have borderline 5-star/top-25 PG Joel Berry committed, and they also have about 5 big-men who will be around for their freshman years (including Kennedy Meeks a guy who will be a freshman this year, who is, to put it simply, a lane clogging big man who is totally incompatible with Jahlil Okafor).

In short, although UNC was no longer on Tyus Jones's list of finalists, we can cross off one of the many open possibilities as to how their recruitment(s) may end up: Jahlil Okafor will also not be going to UNC. Write it in pen.

So, to return to the Duke recruiting situation (and this may end up being a fools hope/projection, but project I will!):

Part of the reason Pinson did not go to Duke must surely have been the presence of the following guys, who will either definitely or likely be on the roster when the 2014 class signs/plays their freshman year:

Alex Murphy (6-8 SF), Amile Jefferson (6-8 F--I am betting he stays after this year), Matt Jones (6-4 SG), Semi Ojeleye (6-6 SF), and now recently committed Grayson Allen (6-4 SG)...this is all assuming that Jabari Parker stays healthy (which I hope he does---such a great kid and athlete and ball-player, he will be so much fun to watch if he is fit!) and goes 1-and-done, I am also guessing that Rasheed Soulaimon goes after next year, but that is conjecture...

I am also very confident that Quinn Cook stays for his senior year so that he can be the star on the team---this is THE question mark when looking at Duke...if you want Tyus Jones to not go to Duke, watch Cook closely this summer, fall, winter, and next spring. Something tells me that he will be very good this year, but that he will want to stay to win it all as a senior (there is no way in hell that next year's Duke team will win it all...)...we will see...

I am increasingly dubious as to Quinn Cook leaving, and everything hinges on him, and on the development/track that Marshall Plumlee goes on...

If Plumlee is still around when Tyus Okafor has to make their decision, then I think Duke will have selected themselves out of the running:

Marshall Plumlee is much more of a low-post guy even that Mason Plumlee---he doesn't even have the ball-handling/body/mentality of a face-up guy, something he may develop, but I am dubious of. This next year, I am guessing that Plumlee takes a step forward but not a big enough one that he leaves. That would certainly put a question mark into the equation of whether or not Okafor would be splitting time with Plumlee, and any other big they may have on scene. We will see, but I am guessing/betting that both Cook and Plumlee step into the spotlight, and encourage Tyus Okafor to look elsewhere.

The questions for us in this equation are: Cliff Alexander---can we get him on board; and Tyler Ulis---does he commit really early and scare off Tyus Jones?

I will return to this in a more comprehensive way when I have more time (work = busy); but I think we are very much in a good spot in terms of the roster we would have on board---neither Costello, nor Schilling, nor any other big would scare Okafor---but a peaking Marshall Plumlee has the pedigree and potential acumen to definitely do so...

This is a FanPost, written by a member of the TOC community. It does not represent the official positions of The Only Colors, Inc.--largely because we have no official positions.

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