Depth Chart Released! Full Roster Released!

So I am sure fearless leader Chris will have something on this later today (I am banking on it since work is already brutal) but the preseason depth chart was released today and can be found HERE

Some notes from my first look through:

-Maxwell is the 1 with Cook firmly 2 and O'Conner 3. No ORs at the QB position.

-No freshmen are listed so no need to be concerned about the current backup at Mike Linebacker

-Riley Bullough starting at TB and Nick Tompkins (who I personally had high hopes for) is 4th.

-Skyler Burkland is listed as the backup at RT which is great news for his health!

-Deanthony Arnett is second string at Z receiver behind Mumphry

-Tight End seems to be a problem. Not that any of us were expecting Dion Sims, but neither of the RS-FR made a move up the depth chart and thus we have Gleichart starting as of now. Hopefully he can build on the springs he has been having.

-Derek Hoebing is a 300 lb TE. #B1G

-Dan France OR Donovan Clark at LT which is surprising to me given both the fact that France is a 2 year starter there AND Fonoti was seemingly moved to the left side to shore up the back side protection. However, it could be that Coach D feels comfortable with the competition there and wants Fonoti to anchor the running game on the right side.

-Lawrence Thomas is large (305 lbs) and second string, though I have to imagine he will be in the delta package (our 3-3-5 3rd down set)

-Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) Jones is not listed first at the STAR LB position, sharing it with Jarius who is on the front side of the Dantonio OR.

-Demetrious Cox, Ezra Robinson and Jermaine Edmondson all have positions in the 2 deep in the secondary. While we have heard great things about all three, it is disconcerting to have that many freshmen so close to action.

-Kevin Cronin not only has a firm handle on the PK duties, he has even forced an OR at the kick off position with Kevin Muma. Muma has been doing the Kickoffs for the last 2-3 years (not sure which and I don't feel like looking it up but suffice to say it's been a while).

-Maxwell OR Cook... at holder. Backup holder.

The full roster can be found HERE complete with Freshmen!

Notes not covered above:

-RJ Shelton, Delton Williams and Gerald Holmes are all large teenagers. (204, 220, 212 lbs respectively). Also Shelton is #12 which is weird for a running back. I think. Isn't it?

-Damion Terry has prototypical size that will hopefully make NFL scouts salivate in 5 years (after his second rose bowl victory, obviously)

-Jon Reschke is number 33. Remember to get really excited when #33 lights someone up on a kick return, because it will happen. And it will be glorious.

Okay someone is yelling at me. Back to Document Review!

This is a FanPost, written by a member of the TOC community. It does not represent the official positions of The Only Colors, Inc.--largely because we have no official positions.

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