Lourawls Nairn vs. Class of '14's #1 PG Emmanuel Mudiay

Just watched Lourawls Nairn and Sunrise Christian Acadmey take on the nation's top-ranked PG Emmanuel Mudiay and Dallas Prime Prep.

Tum Tum had a great showing and ended the night with 16 points and 7 assists (unofficial). DPP ultimately won in a game that was within one-possession until intentional fouling time.


- Strong for his size…fights through contact well

- Constantly drawing fouls (drew an impressive 13 fouls tonight)

- Good vision

- Very decisive and attacks the rim relentlessly

- Just as fast as he's been made out to be...straight-line speed w/ ball is incredible

- Uses the glass well

- Has already perfected a variety of college-level offensive moves off the dribble (spinning in the lane at full-speed, euro-step, etc.)

- Amazing drive-and-dish ability...single-handedly destroyed the 1-3-1 zone and forced DPP to go to Man

- Good with both hands...had some nice finishes with the left hand

- Beats opponent down the floor the second they get lazy (similar to Appling)

- Nobody could stay in front of him without hand-checking

- Could have had well over 20 points had he been hitting his free-throws


- Had some trouble with double-teams

- Size will definitely be an issue at the next level, particularly on the defensive side of the ball

- Not sure he took a shot from more than five feet out the entire idea what his range is, what his shot looks like, or whether or not it falls with any regularity

- Shooting form on free-throws looked jerky…needs work…missed two with under 1-minute left and his team trailing 56-54...went 2-7 from the line overall.

Unimportant Game Notes:

- SCA built a double-digit lead that fell apart when Tum Tum came out in the 2nd...still led 26-23 at the half

- Can definitely tell why Mudiay is the top-ranked PG…absolute wizard with the ball…could have racked up 20+ assists if his teammates would have finished on easy shots he was creating. Wicked step-back jumper as well, made four in a row on back-to-back-to-back-to-back possessions, one of them a three-pointer from about twenty-eight feet out, but never really tried to create shots for himself other than that

- SCA was clearly out of their league talent-wise but great shooting and fundamentally sound play kept them in the game

- Strange sequence in the 4th: Double technical, one on SCA one on DPP. DPP shot free-throws and got the ball; SCA did not shoot free-throws (gave DPP a 49-46 lead with under 5-minutes left in the game).

This is a FanPost, written by a member of the TOC community. It does not represent the official positions of The Only Colors, Inc.--largely because we have no official positions.

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