UPDATED: Home-Road Performance in Big Ten Play (1989-2013)

I really meant to get this update done before conference play started in basketball, but you know, then this happened. And this (that's not my video, but man is that cool). And also this. So yeah, I've basically been dropping the top on my whip for the last month.

Last year, I compiled the home and road conference records of all Big Ten basketball teams dating back to the 1989-90 season, which is the year the Breslin Center opened (the "Breslin Era"). The big takeaways were: (a) MSU has the best home record by far; (b) MSU has the best road record; (c) MSU is the only school during that time to have a winning road record; and (d) Indiana and Wisconsin had the biggest disparity between home wins and road wins.

I won't go too deep into analysis, as that's in the original post, so here are all the updated records:

B1G Home Conference Records Since 1989-90

MSU: 171-35 (.830)
Wisconsin: 155-51 (.752)
Indiana: 155-51 (.752)
Illinois: 149-56 (.727)*
Purdue: 147-59 (.714)
OSU: 143-63 (.694)
Michigan: 136-70 (.660)
Minnesota: 129-77 (.626)
Iowa: 128-78 (.621)
PSU: 77-102 (.430)**
Northwestern:68-138 (.330)

* Illinois played a game in 2003 against Northwestern at the United Center, which is why they have 1 fewer game than the rest of the schools. I only counted true home games.

**PSU's first season was 1992-93.

B1G Road Conference Records Since 1989-90

MSU: 106-100 (.515)
Purdue: 94-112 (.456)
OSU: 93-113 (.451)
Illinois: 87-119 (.422)
Indiana: 83-123 (.403)
Michigan: 76-130 (.369)
Wisconsin: 75-131 (.364)
Iowa: 58-148 (.281)
Minnesota: 57-149 (.277)
PSU: 32-147 (.179)
Northwestern: 28-177 (.137)

Overall B1G Records Since 1989-90

MSU: 277-135 (.672)
Purdue: 241-171 (.585)
Indiana: 238-174 (.578)
Illinois: 237-175 (.575)
OSU: 236-176 (.573)
Wisconsin: 230-182 (.558)
Michigan: 212-200 (.515)
Minnesota: 186-226 (.451)
Iowa: 186-226 (.451)
PSU: 109-249 (.304)
Northwestern: 96-316 (.233)

Home-Road Disparities



Bonus: Breslin vs. Kohl

I've touched on this at various times around TOC the last couple years, but it always bears repeating. Since the Kohl Center opened, MSU's home conference record at Breslin is better than Wisconsin's at Kohl. Kohl's first full season was 1998-99 (oddly, it opened in the middle of the 1997-98 season during conference play). Counting just those full seasons, the respective home conference records are:

MSU: 111-15 (.881)
Wisconsin: 109-17 (.865)

(and to let you know I'm not cherry-picking by excluding the 1997-98 results, Wisconsin went 1-5 in those 6 home conference games that year)

I am confident in saying that this will make you feel some type of way.

This is a FanPost, written by a member of the TOC community. It does not represent the official positions of The Only Colors, Inc.--largely because we have no official positions.

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