Penn State Adjusted Stats and Analysis

Hello, everyone at TOC after that unwelcome Georgetown game, State gets right back into the conference season with a matchup against Penn State at the Breslin Center. This chart is going to be much weirder than the others due to a bunch of transfers and a lineup change 3 games ago, which will be discussed after these stats.

Name MPG PPG M% Poss% O Rating DR% OR% A% S% B%
Frazier 35.80 16.20 87.90 26.10 112.80 12.60 2.20 36.70 2.60 0.40
Newbill 35.10 17.60 86.30 25.20 110.90 11.60 5.90 12.10 1.20 1.10
Travis 30.40 9.80 74.60 19.40 99.90 17.50 8.60 6.10 1.10 1.40
Taylor 24.10 10.30 60.60 20.10 111.10 16.50 5.80 4.10 0.30 5.60
Jack 20.70 7.10 50.90 15.70 122.30 12.50 7.20 5.60 1.10 10.00
Roberts 19.40 5.60 40.60 16.30 103.60 12.20 3.20 9.40 0.70 1.00
Woodward 11.90 2.80 25.30 12.70 100.90 7.50 1.50 6.40 0.50 0.00
Johnson 21.50 7.80 24.00 19.40 97.10 4.50 0.50 2.70 0.00 0.50
Thorpe 10.20 2.60 23.90 13.20 109.30 12.30 3.30 5.90 2.20 0.00
Dickerson 11.10 0.90 12.40 7.40 76.30 10.80 6.30 0.00 1.00 13.70
Wisniewski 5.60 0.80 8.10 8.00 114.50 16.50 6.40 2.30 0.00 5.90
Moore 9.70 1.10 16.70 5.10 137.60 15.90 1.70 2.20 1.70 4.50

Name eFG% PTS/30 ORB/30 DRB/30 AST/30 STL/30 BLK/30 Foul/30 TO/30
Frazier 50.20 13.58 0.57 3.47 5.36 1.34 0.08 2.21 2.48
Newbill 52.80 15.04 1.51 3.19 1.71 0.60 0.34 2.44 1.86
Travis 47.60 9.67 2.20 4.80 0.99 0.59 0.39 1.84 1.80
Taylor 48.90 12.82 1.53 4.64 0.62 0.12 1.62 3.56 0.96
Jack 56.10 10.29 1.84 3.42 0.87 0.58 2.75 5.14 0.59
Roberts 43.40 8.66 0.82 3.37 1.55 0.31 0.31 2.27 1.01
Woodward 50.90 7.06 0.40 1.99 1.01 0.25 0.00 3.33 0.93
Johnson 49.20 10.88 0.14 1.26 0.42 0.00 0.14 3.07 2.09
Thorpe 54.60 7.65 0.85 3.35 0.88 1.18 0.00 3.65 1.12
Dickerson 66.60 2.43 1.62 2.97 0.00 0.54 3.78 6.22 1.89
Wisniewski 50.00 4.29 1.66 4.55 0.54 0.00 1.61 7.82 0.80
Moore 33.30 3.40 0.43 4.42 0.31 0.93 1.24 5.29 0.00

Penn State has won their last 3 B1G 10 games, and has done so with an 8 man rotation consisting of 4 backcourt and 4 frontcourt players. It’s just that it is an extremely different rotation than the one that started the season. Some notable changes are that while minutes show Travis as a starter, after he had a sickness and started on the bench 3 games ago he has continued being on the bench while healthy with Woodward getting the start. Roberts used to be the first guard off the bench but has now fallen out of favor with the coaching staff and has barely played since their Minnesota game, which is almost a month ago. Johnson a transfer from Pitt who had to sit out the Fall semester and has taken over basically all the first man off the bench minutes. Finally Dickerson, a midseason transfer from SMU, was immediately eligible to play and has been a shot altering force in the middle, as well as taken all of Moore’s minutes leading to Moore probably taking one of those hokey medical redshirts.

Ok with all that settled time to get to the starting backcourt of Penn State. Frazier, Senior, is the floor general for this Penn State team. He is always looking for assists, is the number 2 option on offense, and is a pretty good rebounder for a point guard. For reference over this winning streak Frazier is averaging 6 assists, 12 points, and 8 rebounds. The other main starter is Newbill, Junior, who is probably the best shooter on Penn State. He is also a pretty good rebounding guard, but does not get very many steals at 16 in 22 games. The final starting backcourt player is Woodward, Freshman, who has only started the past 3 games and while his numbers don’t stand out right away, he is a pretty efficient shooter, even if he is not a good rebounder and has a bad assist percentage for a perimeter guard.

The starting frontcourt consists of two Sophomores, Taylor and Jack. Taylor while he scores more has a lower eFG% than Jack but Taylor is the best rebounding starter. Jack on the other hand has the highest eFG% on the team as well as having a pretty good block numbers, but he is a good d rebounder and only a mediocre o rebounder who also averages over 5 fouls per 30 minutes.

Finally there are 3 main reserves with the first off the bench being Johnson. He is a Junior shooter who averages 3.7 three point attempts a game. Other than that he is basically an extra ball handler since he has awful rebounding numbers, while not looking for assists, and is the second highest on the team in turnovers. Next is Travis, Junior, who was a starter until the past three games and is only averaging around 14 minutes per in those last three wins. He is the best rebounder on the team but is only an ok shooter. Dickerson, Sophomore, is a transfer center whose only plus is blocking, he is extremely raw in everything else, he fouled out in 10 minutes in their last game. I would not expect any of their other reserves to play unless their is extreme foul trouble or a complete blowout.

All in all this is an extremely winnable game that will give Payne valuable minutes to help him back into game shape before more difficult B1G games. Penn State as a team is not particularly great at anything and they are even worse than we are with their foul numbers so maybe MSU will get into the bonus first for once. I see this game being a big bounce back game after a tough loss with MSU hopefully being ready to play from the tip. Go Green!

This is a FanPost, written by a member of the TOC community. It does not represent the official positions of The Only Colors, Inc.--largely because we have no official positions.

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