MSU adds a 2014 quarterback in Kuhns

So apparently under the radar MSU has been trying to get a QB to replace Durkin after all. They appear to have found one in former Cornell Commit and now current MSU Walk-on Colar Kuhns.

Scouting Title Contenders: Michigan State

Opposing coaches have a lot of love for Appling, Harris and... Denzel

Did Travis Jackson change a WWE storyline?

A few weeks ago, Daniel Bryan became a bad guy on WWE, despite being a fan favorite for the YES! chant. Then, suddenly, he turned into a good guy again on Monday's episode of RAW. Did national attention of Travis Jackson's YES! chant at the basketball game change the direction of the storyline? SB Nation's wrestling blog thinks it might have. (They later tweeted, "Thank you, Michigan State."). Bryan followed Jackson on Twitter shortly after the Ohio State game. Video of the face turn is here, if you're interested. UPDATE: It really DID change the storyline, according to Wrestling Inc.

Rexrode interview with Mark Dantonio

A talented writer sits down with a talented coach. I miss Linking Laconically.

Spartan Football Championship Infographic

Shows key stats for Spartan Football team, including Big 10 Championships, Division Championships, Coach Dantonio win record, rivalry trophies, Spartans in the NFL, and overall win percentage.

Rose Bowl Song!!

Can't tell ya how many times I heard this in Indy

Branden Dawson's Defense

I said before the game that Dawson would hold the keys to the game, I said after the game that he was our most important defender and played the best game of his career, and I offer as evidence Luke Winn's power rankings. Take a look at the Kentucky section, specifically on Dawson's defense... Just awesome statistical support of what I (and all of us, if we were paying attention) saw on Tuesday. His real-D line: 6 drebs, 4 forced misses, 6.5 forced turnovers, only gave up 2.5 fg makes from UK, and a terrific .81 stop percentage. That's a spicy meatball...

MSU grad Ryan Riess wins World Series of Poker

MSU grad Ryan Riess won the World Series of Poker and the $8.4 million that goes with it. Riess had been wearing an MSU Pro Combat shirt for a bit, but went with the Calvin Johnson Lions jersey recently. He's on twitter at @RyanRiess1.


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