Izzo says Appling Must Be a Better PG or Not Play PG

1st of all, Yeah Right! 2nd of all, um, he's not a point guard. This team doesn't really have a point guard. It has ball handlers and play makers. Every returning player can stand to improve their decision making, it's unfair to single out Appling even if it's the popular thing to do.

Looney cuts list to 6

Did anyone else see this? Kevon Looney cut his list down to 6 schools that he's considering for his recruitment. According to, "Looney will decide among Duke, Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Tennessee and UCLA and plans to take all five of his NCAA-allotted official visits, with Wisconsin being an unofficial trip." "We contacted the schools that were taken off the list and now can focus on this group," he told

MSU with critical research on Sprots!

MSU with critical research on the human condition. Cheers, Andy

Sadler the athlete and the academic

Love seeing things like this. Even though he is "just" a punter. His athletic and academic achievements a better than most. Congrats

Doesn't matter to Cliff

Sounds like Cliff Alexander wants to be his own man. I like that.

Best Summer Ever?

Pretty solid praise from Izzo. Bout time we had a good offseason.

TOCer gets shoutout and linked on WWL

Nice work Chris: "As's Chris Vannini points out, certain states in the Big Ten footprint, namely Ohio, have seen a drop in producing first-round picks in recent years. Vannini looked at where first-round picks from the past eight drafts played their high school ball."

USF's newest acquisition

USF's our week 2 opponent if anyone He didn't play much at Penn State, so it's hard to say if he'll give our defense much of a challenge; he's also got to pick up an entirely new playbook, and USF has a new coaching staff. But hey, this far out from the season any news is interesting news, amirite?

MSU QB Signs 2 Year Deal

Brian Hoyer agress to 2 year deal with the Cleveland Browns according to the WWL and other sources Heard some rumors on sports radio this morning that the may have a shot to win the starting slot on the depth chart.


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