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Connecticut 60, MSU 54: Season Over


Commiserate here!

Every Team in Illinois is Having a Down Year


But that's not why I'm posting this, although it's definitely a great CBB article and worth the read. Really the thing that irked me was a short sentence: "But if you had a tournament including all 17 of Tom Izzo’s teams in East Lansing, would this one even get out of the first round? I doubt it." Really? Frankly yes this team would make it out of the first round. Is this really how people view State, as a fluke? Or is this one Chicago writer just misguided? Well either way, I know and you should know that this team would easily beat up on last years team, 2002, 03, 04, 06, 07, 08 and 10.

Retiring the Debate


Should Kalin Lucas's jersey hang in the Breslin Center rafters?

The Frantastic Voyage: A Photo Essay


The Frantastic Voyage: A Photo Essay. Tom Izzo is Gazoo...but then, you already knew that.

New Developments in Alleged Sexual


The information in this article, and released in the transcript and statement (all of which can be found online as well) pretty much ensure that charges will not be pressed since the sex has been confirmed as consensual and not rape. So don't expect any punishment towards the two still unnamed players.

Welcome Aboard: Branden Dawson


Highly-touted and massively coveted Class of 2011 Indiana SF Branden Dawson signs with Michigan State.

Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere: Mapping Tom Izzo's Non-Conference Scheduling


Looking back at MSU basketball's out-of-conference scheduling during the Tom Izzo era.

NCAA.com -- The Vault


A brand new bullet to add to the "reasons why the internets is awesome" list: full game video of every Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, and Final Four game from 2000 - present. Watch Morris Peterson alley-oop Iowa State, Mateen do his dance, Jason Richardson do generally awesome things, Paul Davis slice up Maryland, Maurice Ager posterize J.J. Redick, Alan Anderson overcome Patrick Sparks's dubious three-pointer, Kalin Lucas school Sherron Collins, Durrell Summers posterize Stanley Robinson . . . and more. An absolutely epic way to waste 15 or so hours. HT: Big Ten Geeks.


2011 Basketball Recruiting Hotlist -- UPDATED 6/1/10

The Only Colors takes a look at MSU's 2011 basketball recruiting targets.

What about Tom Izzo as Pistons coach? No thanks

"I’m not throwing my hat in the ring, and I don’t think they’re throwing their hat at me," Izzo said. "I’m just hanging tight here. I want to win another championship." Not an outright denial, but pretty close.
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