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Signing Off


A college basketball blogger exits, stage left.

Site News of the "We Need to Talk" Variety


To avoid any excess of melodrama, I'll get right to it: Effective with the end of the NCAA Tournament, I will be stepping away from blogging on an indefinite basis and, therefore, stepping down as...

All The World's a Blog Platform


We've added a large number of readers and commenters over the last few months, so I thought it would be worthwhile to provide a quick refresher on how to use the FanPost/FanShot features available...

MSU-SVSU Game Thread


Open discussion thread for exhibition basketball game between Michigan State and Saginaw Valley State.

Intrpdtrvlr is his name, recruiting is his game


Long-time TOC reader intrpdtrvlr officially joins the site's blogging team to cover Michigan State basketball recruiting.

Programming Note: We're not lazy. We're working on a big, fancy magazine. So there.


Things will probably be fairly slow around here this week.  That's the bad news.  The good news is that we have a legitimate excuse this time: Led by Mr. Hendershot, we're working on a preseason...

The Offseason


The Only Colors solicits reader ideas for offseason blogging topics related to the Michigan State football and basketball teams.

New Feature: Facebook Connect on SB Nation


Here's an explanation of what that funky box that popped up today (and screwed the front page formatting up for a while) can do for you. Short version: Now you can post your rants about opposing teams hitting their first 4 three-point attempts against us in every game on both TOC and Facebook with one simple click. Plus: One fewer password to remember. (Is it "Draymond23," "DayDay23," or "DancingBear23"?)

Cue the balloon drop


A few seconds ago (based on the time at which I started typing this post), the 100,000th visitor walked through the doors of The Only Colors, Inc.  Coincidentally, this comes exactly 6 months to...

Two New Blogs of Note


First: Rob Visconti, a good (internet-type) friend of mine, has restarted Spartan Blog, and he's already putting out killer content.  In particular, be sure to read his recap of the Notre Dame game,...

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