North Carolina 77 Ohio State 73


Looking down the road a couple weeks: Apparently, North Carolina's not going to let a little thing like "losing 4 starters to the NBA" stand in the way of playing dominating basketball. The Buckeyes mounted a furious comeback in the final minute, but the UNC defense dominated for 39 minutes. Evan Turner was flustered into 10 (!) turnovers, and Jon Diebler and William Buford combined to shoot just 7-29 from the field. (It's going to take Turner the rest of the nonnconference season just to get his TO% back down to a respectable level.) Tom Izzo's got 12 days to get the MSU offense ready to face the new-and-not-so-much-downgraded Tarheel defense. Oh, and there's 4 other games to be played in the meantime.