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Linking Laconically starts happy, ends bitter

Capping off a very busy MSU sports blogging weekend:

Bonus Nonlaconical/Redundant/Uberbitter Commentary on That Last Link: 

Postgame quote (emphasis added):

"It did happen fast," MSU defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi said. "There were some short fields. We just didn’t get it done defensively. They made plays and we didn’t."

Really?  After the way this season’s gone in terms of the overall performance of the three units, Narduzzi is going to imply that the offense/special teams created the defense’s problems yesterday?  I'd dismiss this as a poorly-phrased off-the-cuff response, except that Narduzzi seems incapable of explaining why something went wrong without inserting a weak excuse halfway through--as initially noticed in this space after the CMU loss.

If your base defensive scheme consistently allows running backs to get open by 15 yards on wheel routes, it really doesn't matter how short the field is, now does it?