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Top Five All-Big Ten Football Team Errors

The picks are here.

And here are the travesties:

5. Jared Odrick, Coaches' Defensive Player of the Year. There's no doubt that Odrick was one of the top five or six defensive linemen in the conference.  However, here were the other All-Big ten first team defensive linemen named by the coaches:  Adrian Clayborn, Brandon Graham, and O'Brien Schofield.  If I gave you those names, where would you rank Odrick?  Third?  Fourth?  And he's the one the coaches named defensive player of the year?

4. Eric Decker, Coaches' First team Wide Receiver.  If Decker had stayed healthy all year, I'd have no problem with this placement.  However, he only played two-thirds of the season, and I'm certain that there are least two wide receivers out there - Keith Smith of Purdue and Darrell Johnson-Koulianos of Iowa - who deserved the honor more than Decker.

3. Seriously, Jared Odrick?  I mean, Pat Angerer can't get some love?  Tyler Sash?  If you were asking me, "Name two players on the same team who deserved the Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year award", those would've been the first two names out of my mouth.

2. Brett Swenson, non-unanimous selection.  I promise this is the only section where I'll be a homer.  Apparently making 90% of your field goals and being far and away the most consistent kicker in the Big Ten wasn't clear cut enough.  Was it that extra point he missed in September?  Is it because his kickoffs only made it to the ten?  I don't get it.

1. JARED ODRICK?  I don't want to bash Odrick, he's been a great player for Penn State all season.  I'm happy that Greg Jones got the honor from the media, but I would've understood if he didn't receive the award.  After all, I'm pretty sure Graham Zug scored again on a wheel route, and the failures of the MSU secondary drags the whole defense down, fair or unfair.  However, I would've named Schofield, Graham, Angerer, Sash, Amari Speivey, Navarro Bowman, or Sean Lee DPOY before Odrick.  Once again, Odrick deserved the honors he received as All-Big Ten, but there were several more deserving players this year in the Big Ten to be defensive player of the year.