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Michigan State Football Players Alleged to be Involved in Fight

From The State News:

Witnesses and students involved in the incident said a group of 15 to 20 men, who some described as MSU football players, stormed into the dormitory and hit and injured about seven students, some of them women.

And if that wasn't enough:

A communication junior who said he was sent to Lansing’s Sparrow Hospital after being punched in the face, said some of the men wore ski masks, but others were recognized as football team members.

But wait, it gets worse:

The men said they were looking for a man who had been involved in a spat with one of them the night before during an Iota Phi Theta event at The Small Planet, 16800 Chandler Road, Mitchell said.

And here comes the irony:

Mitchell said, above all, he was upset the event symbolizing the end of a week of community service ended with violence.

Wow. From the looks of it, I thought other team members would've learned their lesson from Glenn Winston's four months in jail (and before you ask, it doesn't look like Winston's involved - it's hard to run in and out of a fight a month after having ACL surgery EDIT: Or maybe he was: he and Roderick Jenrette have been dismissed from the team per a violation of team rules per the Detroit Free Press.  HT: Chris in Kzoo), but that does not appear to be the case here.

This altercation wasn't about a couple punches thrown in the heat of the moment - this ambush was planned, with some of those involved in the attack wearing ski masks in an attempt to hide their identities.  More on this later, because I do not want to use the word "alleged" ad nauseam.

However, if members of the football team are found to have been involved in the attack, they, along with anyone else involved, should be gone from MSU.  Period.