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Scandal, Part 17 - Kalin Lucas on "Timeout"

Newton's Third Law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  With Mike Leach possibly out for the Alamo Bowl, I've been waiting for the other shoe to drop, and here it comes:

MSU has two more captains, Draymond Green and Isaiah Dahlman, a decision Tom Izzo made a couple days ago. Meanwhile, junior captain Kalin Lucas is in timeout as of Tuesday afternoon.

As for what Lucas did to deserve this timeout, from Rexrode:

He made it clear that he is unhappy with the leadership displayed by Lucas, and that distractions are an issue with him. Izzo said this is not a suspension. This is not an academic issue. Izzo also made it clear he didn't ask Lucas not to practice. He told him.

I guess this is as good a time as any for this piece of drama to become public.  The Spartans' last non-conference game comes tomorrow against Texas-Arlington, and while Lucas may sit for that game, I'd expect him to be back for Northwestern for Saturday though, assuming cooler heads prevail.  I know one thing for sure - no way this happens with Travis Walton on the team.  Whatever problem Lucas has, Walton either talks with Kalin/spends some time in a back alley and gets it straightened out.

The one piece of good news?  Appparently these differences have happened before:

Can you think back to specific guys with whom you’ve been through this?
    "Oh, yeah, Cleaves sat out of a practice. Marcus Taylor sat out of practices. Alan Anderson, I mean, yeah, it’s happened with other guys.

Anyway, if you want more information, click on the link before the first block quote, it's all good stuff. As for now, I'll hope that Lucas can get his problems settled, and if not, Korie Lucious should be adequate for tomorrow.  Let's just hope this all blows over quickly.