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Linking Laconically recants it all

*Random nonlaconical thought: If you had been able to pick a half dozen football players not to have been involved in the Rather Hall thing and, therefore, not at risk of being dismissed or suspended for next season, who would have been on the list?  I submit that the top 4 would have been (1) Kirk Cousins, (2) Greg Jones, (3) B.J. Cunningham, and (4) Mark Dell.  I'm excluding seniors, since they have only one game left.  Cousins and Jones, obviously.  Cunningham and Dell because the only thing we know (or knew, rather) for sure about next year's team is that the passing game will (would have been) pretty darn good, which will keep (would have kept) us in a lot of games, regardless of whether the defense or running game improve.  The only other two guys I could see slotting in ahead of Cunningham/Dell would be Joel Foreman and Jerel Worthy.

My point: This thing really, really stinks.  But you knew that.