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Texas Tech Sees Your MSU Bowl Drama and Raises You a Mike Leach Firing

I had a feeling Mike Leach would be fired today (an $800,000 bonus due to Leach tomorrow if he was still head coach was likely a motivating factor - EDIT - maybe not - per an EDSBS tweet: Get money. PeteThamelNYT Talked to someone close to Leach. He's expected to still get the $800K. Contract says: employed for 10 biz days.), but I thought the court hearing on Leach's injunction would at least take place before he was fired. 

Thus the wackiest and most dramatic MSU bowl game in recent memory - not that there'd be many to choose from - added another juicy back story.  I didn't think it was possible for any team to be in more disarray than Michigan State entering its bowl game, but congratulations Tech, you've raised the bar.

As for how this will affect the game on Saturday, Texas Tech is going to most likely react in one of two ways:  The players will band together and come out firing, inspired by the loss of their coach, or they'll be lost without their usual play caller.  As for how this affects Michigan State, it's anyone guess.  If Tech comes out with a collective hundred yard stare, that's great for State, but if any of Taylor Potts' wide receivers remembers how to run a wheel route...the firing might not matter much.