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Bowl Selection Day Open Thread

Ahhh, college football. The only sport where you have to wait two weeks to find out the postseason destination that your team will then wait another three or four weeks to compete in.

So what'll it be? The Alamo Bowl in lovely San Antonio? Or the Insight Bowl in sunny Phoenix?

With Cincinnati and Texas both eking out wins yesterday (creating a clear #1/#2 match-up for the BCS championship game, BOOOO!!!), it appears to be a lock that the Big Ten will get a second BCS at-large berth and it'll come down to whether the good people at the Alamo Bowl decide they want the stronger-on-paper Spartans or the less-thuggery-tainted Gophers. It'll be a Big 12 opponent regardless--likely Texas Tech (or maybe Oklahoma) in the Alamo Bowl (Spread offense! No!) or Missouri in the Insight Bowl (Slightly-less explosive spread offense! No!).

The official bowl section show is is at 8:00 tonight on Fox. I assume we'll get a leak from someone in the media on MSU's destination before then.

Here's your place to discuss/speculate/pontificate this afternoon.