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Michigan State to face Texas Tech in Alamo Bowl

In what had been projected for weeks on end, Michigan State will play Texas Tech in the Alamo Bowl Saturday January 2nd 2010, 9 PM EST on ESPN.  This marks the second time MSU's played in the Alamo Bowl, with the first being a 17-3 loss to Nebraska in 2003.  While there was some speculation that the Alamo Bowl execs might be a bit loathe to pick the Spartans due to their *ahem* off the field transgressions, money once again trumps everything, which leads us back to San Antonio for the first time in six years.  More on the Red Raiders after the jump.

Here's the breakdown on Texas Tech this season:

  • Total Offense: 461.8 ypg (7th in D1)
  • Passing Yardage: 405.8 ypg (2nd in D1)
  • Rushing Yardage: 81.1 ypg (115th in D1)
  • Total Defense: 348.8 ypg (48th in D1)
  • Passing Defense: 223.8 ypg (71st in D1)
  • Rushing Defense: 125.00 ypg (36th in D1)

Now, don't freak out about the passing yardage.  Even though the Red Raiders have the 2nd most profilic passing offense in division 1 (behind Houston), they average only 7.3 yards per attempt, which ranks them 48th in the nation.  The team at number 49?  Iowa.  Tech averages a little over 51 passing attempts a game, and I wouldn't expect them to change their run-pass defense in the bowl game.

With Tech's shaky pass defense, The odds of this game being a shootout on both sides significantly decreased with the suspensions of Mark Dell and B.J.  Cunningham.  Blair White, Keshawn Martin, we're going to need you in this game.

As for now, MSU's going to a bowl game that's not in Detroit against a team tailor-made to take advantage of their biggest weakness.  This one's going to be good?