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Don't be Scared: An Introduction to The Only Colors

I realize many of you are coming from Spartans Weblog, and might be confused, maybe even a bit overwhelmed about how busy this site is.  No worries, I'll explain it all to you in this post.

First, about the top - you're seeing new terms such as "FanPosts" and "Fanshots"; I'll get to those in a bit.  The first thing I'd like to point out is the link named "Spartans".  If you click on it, you'll be taken to another page which has all the stories in the SBNation family of sites tagged with Michigan State.  Right now, if you want to see a Gonzaga fan's take on the Old Spice Classic, that's one of a few stories you'll see.

On the left, you'll see the old blog roll, along with the SBNation blog roll.  That's pretty self-explanatory, click on those links to be taken to those blogs.

In the center is where the magic happens.  The main posts will go up here, and you can click on the titles to be taken to the body of the text.  If you want to comment, you'll need an SBNation account.  Just click on "register" at the top of  the page, and follow the instructions to complete your account.

Now, to the right, you'll see two terms you've most likely never heard of unless you're familiar with SBNation.  These terms are "FanPosts" and "FanShots".

Essentially, FanPosts are a place where you can enter your thoughts on Michigan State Sports.  If you've got something to say about football, basketball, hockey, Izzo's soon to be shaven head, etc., click on "New FanPost", give your post a title, write down your thoughts, and hit publish.  Your post's title will appear in the new FanPosts section, and if others like it enough, it could be on the front.

FanShots are like FanPosts, except used more to highlight a newspaper or blog aritcle, photo, or video.  If you found  a good one of these, click on "New FanShot", follow the instructions, and it'll go up in the FanShots section.  Like a FanPost, if enough people like it, it'll also go up on the main page.

Lastly, my Twitter feed's on the right.  I don't really update it that much right now, but I will use it to cover the Spring Game.  If you want mobile updates on that game, follow me on Twitter, and turn on mobile updates from Gd0EastLansing.

I think that's most of it.  If you've got any questions, feel free to comment on this piece, and I'll help you out.

G0EL Pete