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Why I Dropped Ground Zero East Lansing Like a Bad Habit

Ground Zero East Lansing (G0EL) is no more.  Pete Rossman has taken his place.

I did this because the main reason I established the identity in the first place was becoming less and less relevant.  I wanted to avoid ire from future employers if the language became a bit salty, because when I first started writing about a year ago, I wasn't quite sure what direction I wanted the blog to go.

Time's progressed however. As I've found my voice a bit, I discovered my style wasn't squeaky clean, but the language was nothing that would put me on the do not hire, do not fly, or do not live lists. (they have one of those you know.  Castro's been on it for a half century.)  Which led to a problem - if you print under a pen name such as G0EL, some might think you have something to hide.  In my case, I have nothing, and with the new opportunities open to me (thanks, SBNation!), transperency seems like a good move.

I thought this post was going to be a bit longer, with all the histrionics of a Lifetime movie.  Luckily, it hasn't happened yet, so I'm going to leave on this note:

Hi, I'm Pete.  Nice to meet y'all.