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One of the last things we talked about over at the old site was just how good MSU's rebounding was this past season.  In thinking this through some more, the numbers are even more remarkable when you consider that two of MSU's starting frontcourt players both missed substantial amounts playing time due to injury/illness.

Here, courtesy of the new Statplot site, is a graphical illustration of just how good the team's rebounding was once Goran Suton returned from the knee injury that forced him to miss six nonconference games:


It wasn't until that final stretch of four top-ten opponents that MSU had a fair fight on the boards.  Up until that point, no conference or postseason opponent had outrebounded us (on a tempo-free basis).

In this context, the performance by the Wolverines looks downright heroic.  They were the only regular season conference opponent to come within 10 percentage points of MSU in the rebounding department.