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Adam Rittenberg Channels My Recruiting Agita

 . . . by posting this today:


  • 2010 verbal commits: 2
  • ESPNU 150 Watch List: Linebacker Max Bullough
  • Quick take: Some Spartans fans are a bit concerned about the low number of commits, but Michigan State should be fine, especially if quarterback Robert Bolden or defensive end William Gholston hop on board.
  • (Emphasis mine.)  Obviously we're not remotely finished with the recruiting year, but I'd be lying if I said that the numerous commitments thusfar to Penn State, Michigan, and even Iowa, while our commit list remains static, doesn't make me a little nervous.  We're linked with good recruits all the time, but it seems as if we're either losing out on them, or they're apparently not the early-commitment types.

    So, what say you, TOC commentariat?  Are you nervous?  Do you think we'll eventually be fine?  Little of column A, little of column B?