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Travis Jackson Pledges Michigan State for Commitment #8


Concerned about no offensive line commitments for 2010 yet?  Worry no more!  Travis Jackson, a lineman form Columbus De Sales became the eighth commitment to the Spartans' 2010 recruiting class today.  Rankings, measurables and all that good stuff after the jump.

First, let's take a look at the recruiting rankings:

RIVALS - No rankings yet

SCOUT - 3*, #30 OG in the nation

ESPN - Grade of 77

OFFERS - Over 20, key ones coming from Tennessee, Cincinnati, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota

I'm not sure why Rivals hasn't gotten around to Travis yet, but all the data seem to confirm that he can play at the Big 10 level.


  • 6'4"-6'5"; 255 lbs.
  • 3.6 GPA, 26 ACT
  • 4.95 40 time

The numbers tell us he's big, smart, and has straight-line speed.  That's it.  Looking at the recruiting video at the front of the page though, I was impressed with how quick he was able to get off the line and engage the defensive linemen.  Heck, he even made it to the linebackers in some of those plays.  He played guard in those videos, so I think it's easy to assume he'll transition to the same spot at MSU. 255 pounds is small for the Big Ten though, he'll need to gain about 30-40 more pounds, but he'll have his senior and a redshirt year to do it.  His ESPN scouting page seems to confirm my thoughts:

Did not see enough dominate defensive ability to move him from guard to defensive line as a major college prospect. Displays good hip and lower back flexibility in his stance, can bend and move his feet. Runs well for a big man. Good 1st step but we have yet to see him dominate a down defender by knocking him off the line of scrimmage.

That's the long and short of it.  There's not really a whole lot of stories about Jackson in the news, but I'm not that surprised.  Offensive linemen don't really get the glory anyway except in Visa commercials and eating contests.  As for how he'll fit in as an OG in 2010?  There's still going to be everybody left from 2009.  Joel Foreman and Ethan Ruhland will be there on the left, and Jared McGaha and Chris McDonald will be there on the right.  That's not including Henry Conway, Nate Klatt (although he'll probably be a center), and Micajah Reynolds, all of whom signed this year.

Also worth noting - none of the players I just mentioned were under 285 pounds.  That gives Travis a number to shoot for.  Another good pick up for the Spartans, and Travis, if the NCAA allowed it, the next meal (and by meal, we mean suckling pig's) is on me.