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Sunday Night Links . . . says if you can't beat 'em, promote 'em*

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Not a lot of news this week.  Things should pick up in the next couple weeks as the start of football practice approaches.  LVS and Pete will be doing position-by-position previews of the football team.  (And I will be looking to close out my player-by-player review of the 2008-2009 basketball season within four months of the season ending.)

*We're still looking for a snappier title for these news roundup posts (e.g., Nitt Picks, Unverified Voracity, etc.).  We'd come up with "Watch the Links Keep Growing" previously, but that's kind of wordy to be able to attach a pithy verb phrase to.  Anyone who dreams up a winning idea will win . . . the gratitude of three bloggers.