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SI Dishes Up Some Feel Good

The latest edition of Sports Illustrated includes a piece on Tom Izzo and the MSU basketball team.  As foreshadowed by the article's tagline (which is so long I've blockquoted it below), the piece is a little heavy on the cliche'.

Having lifted an entire state with a thrilling run to the championship game in Detroit, Tom Izzo and the Michigan State Spartans can savor their memories, but they're determined to create more

And there's not a ton in the category of "things we didn't already know."  (One exception: Like me, Kalin Lucas wonders why Tom Izzo didn't call a timeout during the UNC blitzkrieg early in the national championship game.)

Still, it's always nice to get some national-level publicity.  And the article's concluding sentence is sure to at least momentarily quicken the heart beat of any Spartan basketball fan:

As Lucas sits inside the Breslin Center, basketballs already bouncing on the practice court down the hall, a mischievous grin creeps across his face. "You know," he says, "Indianapolis is not that far from Detroit."