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Linking Laconically...Is Having a Constructive Summer

It's nearly the weekend, and I thought I'd keep you entertained with two of my favorite things: The Hold Steady and quality Spartan links.

" Thursday night blog: More scheduling news, the Big Ten single plays John Bohnenkamp Blog: MSU will only play Ohio State and Indiana once this coming season.  They'll get OSU in the Bres, and IU in Assembly Hall.  That's pretty fair to me; I would've broken a window if there was only one Purdue game at Mackey.

LSJ Blogs: Hey, Joe: Firm yet manageable: HT to Seer on this one.  I think Rexrode's pretty accurate with his odds, and I'm tired of the Michigan game being referred to as a "toss-up".  It's nice to see someone else doesn't think that way.

MSU Reveals Winning Design for 2009 Football Student Section T-Shirt - MICHIGAN STATE OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE: Here's the shirt, in all it's glory.  Remember when only the Corner Blitz got t-shirts?  Good times...not really.  Not at all.

80 Reasons to Love the Big Ten - No. 45 - Sparty - The Rivalry, Esq. Our friends over at The Rivalry Esq. confirm what we already know; that Sparty is awesome.  What they forgot to mention is that at weddings, he shows up in a tuxedo breastplate.  +100 cocktails to whoever can post a picture of it in the comments.

Marquise Gray's next basketball stop likely Europe - Michigan State Spartans Sports: News, Blogs, Photos, Audio, Schedule & Stats -  Mostly fluff, but there's some touching stuff about his family in the article.

Spartans tight ends change with the times - Big Ten - ESPN: Yup, we're going to be loaded at TE this season.  It'll be interesting to see if Linthecum and Sims can make an instant impact, and if there's an increase in two TE sets.

Have a great weekend everyone.