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Mobile Commenting and Retweeting (yes, it's a thing) Now Live!

Hey readers!  Have you ever been in the Breslin Center and felt like this site needed your take on getting Hightowered?  You're in luck!  The good people who run SB Nation have now enabled commenting on your cell phone (mobile if you're British).  There are a couple catches though, so I'll refer to our bosses on this:

There are two things to note in this release of mobile commenting. First, mobile login is not network wide. You must sign into each community individually. Second, we did some cross browser testing with as many phones as possible, but we cannot test each phone. If you have any issues with mobile commenting please let us know at or using the contact form at the bottom of each page in the network. Please be sure to provide your phone model and browser type along with a very detailed description of the problem in your email.

The jist of it? If you want to post on this and a rival team's site during a game, you have to log in to each site separately. 

Also, are you on Twitter?  If not, you're missing out on notifications when new articles are published.  Even if you think it's only for Ashton Kutcher, Oprah, and other Hollywood folk, you should still follow us on Twitter.  It's as easy as registering an account, going to our Twitter page, then clicking the "follow" button once there. For more information on Twitter, check out the article I wrote a couple months ago.

Once you're on Twitter, you can "retweet", or send a link to an article to your friends following you by clicking on the retweet button below the article.  Clicking on the retweet button below an article will send you to Twitter, where the link will be waiting for you in the text box, ready to be sent.

Questions? Concerns? Bueller?  Post your comments to any of them plus your references to 80s movies below.