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Glenn Winston is back on the team

As reported by Eric Lacy of the Detroit News earlier today.

"Glenn has done everything that he's been asked to do from a judicial and team standpoint," Spartans coach Mark Dantonio said. "He has paid the penalty for his actions.

My feelings are mixed about this decision.  On the negative side, Winston did send A.J. Sturges to the hospital with a serious injury, one that might have caused brain damage.  Now that he's out, I feel like a redshirt year might have been good for him (no word yet on that status, but I assume he'll play this year) in order to get his life back in order after spending the last few months in Ingham County's jail, let alone join the team at all this season.

On the other hand though, he has done his time.  He was suspended indefinitely at the time of his sentence, although it seems strange that Roderick Jenrette was suspended longer for issues that are unclear to this day, while Winston's back on the team.  I assume that Dantonio was keeping track of Winston during summer school (Ed. Note - he was allowed to leave jail to attend classes - Pete) to make sure he was making the progress necessary. 

I can see it both ways.  If you believe he should be banished from the team, I get that.  However, as much as I might get hammered by some for this belief, he deserves a second - and last, if it happens again, he definitely should be gone - chance.  What Winston did was undoubtedly stupid, malicious, and a prime example of how testosterone and alcohol can screw up lives in one night.  That said, even though I would of liked to have seen him redshirt this year, everyone deserves one chance of redemption. Let this be his.

Comments?  I know some of you have to have some thoughts on this, let's just keep it civil.