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The "What's Up with the Michigan State Football Program" Open Thread

I figured after Sturges' statement that many of you would have strong opinions.  You can put those opinions in this thread, and as always, keep it civil.  As for my opinion...I'm going to wait until today's open practice is done before commenting.  If Sturges' statement is true, then this doesn't look good for the football program (Ed. Note - previous adjective replaced due to a bit of an overreaction on my part - Pete) . Regardless, Dantonio and company deserve a chance to respond before I jump to conclusions.  In these kinds of situations, it's more important to be slow and correct then to be quick and write an opinion before having both viewpoints.

If all this drama is getting to you, then take a break and check out the top five MSU football games in the past five years in the post below.  I wouldn't blame you, in fact, that's where I'm headed right now.