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The Friday Five is Laconic about Michigan State's Breakout Football Players

Living in three or four places in the span of a little more than a week has robbed me of a lot of my time in the past days.  Because of this, the Friday Five will be a bit abbreviated this week.  To make up for it, why not add in your two cents?  This week - the top five players who will breakout on this year's Spartan football team.

5. Dion Sims - An absolute physical specimen.  He has to be in the conversation, but he also has to be down on the list because Garrett Celek, Brian Linthecum, and Charlie Gantt will all be ahead of him on the depth chart.

4. Chris Norman - See the reasoning for Dion Sims as to the depth chart.  Extremely quick and strong, and might make the two-deep.

3. Keshawn Martin - Martin showed glimpses of big play ability last year, but only had 11 receptions.  With the way the offense used him on trick plays last year, don't be surprised if he sees more touches, be it through receptions or punt returns.

2. Keith Nichol/Kirk Cousins - Whoever starts will obviously breakout.  The only reason I have the duo at number two is that to breakout, one needs to have some degree of anonymity, and the quarterback battle has received a lot of press in the past months.

1. Larry Caper - One of the running backs is going to breakout this season, and Caper seems to have shown the most potential in camp.  Why not?

What say you commenters?