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The Quarterbacks Speak


(The coaches) just said that having two years in the offense, and with Keith having only one, they feel at this point just a little more confident going with me.  At the same time, they emphasized again and again how close (the competition) is.

I told the coaches that this really changes nothing. I still have to come out and play well on Saturday. They had to pick somebody to start the game. But at the end of the day, I want to be the guy finishing games this season.


I wasn't upset or anything.  Both of us walked out of there thinking, 'It is what is is.' He's taking the first snap. Both of us are going to be ready.

I felt like I had to really surpass him completely to be named the guy to take the first snap, and I don't think that was done. I think the tie's going to go to the guy who's been here longer, and he's deserving of that -- he's waited his turn.

(Quotes via Steve Grinczel.)

By all indications, both these young men are outstanding teammates--as evidenced by the fact they both found out who would start Sunday night and there were no leaks over the next day and a half.  Both guys are saying all the right things, but you can also sense just a hint of (inevitable) tension in the quotes above.  This situation is only sustainable for so long.

Here are highlights of Mark Dantonio's comments on the quarterback situation, also courtesy of MLive.  He hints that Cousins' experience edge and captaincy were the deciding factors--while going out of his way to note that Nichol also received votes to be a captain.

MSU's Dantonio: Kirk Cousins will start at QB